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A Little Bit About Me

Where to start...I guess you could say I am a dog lover, with a passion for travel, adventure, and keeping healthy. 

I have been lucky enough to travel and explore several different cultures and countries during a couple of years away from education which allowed me to broaden my understanding of the differences among our beautiful human race. 

Personally, I enjoy weight training, a small bit of running, paddle boarding, climbing, and long walks with my furry best friend!

During Covid, I finished my Childhood and Youth Studies degree from the University of Portsmouth (remotely). My degree allowed me to develop my understanding of people and mental well-being. My final year independent research project was on the relationship between fitness technology and mental health.

Furthermore, alongside juggling long hours in hospitality to fund my studies, I qualified as a Nutritional Advisor, with the FNTP in 2020 and RSPH. Furthermore, I am a qualified Gym Instructor, pre/postnatal trainer and Personal Trainer. (A list of my qualifications are below if you're interested).

I got married in the early summer of 2021, launching Wellbeing By Gemma simultaneously, initially on a mobile, outdoors basis, following this I opened my very own studio in December 2021...

In 2023 I announced that I was pregnant.

In August 2023 we had to say goodbye to our beloved cavalier (Holly), in the photo. Being completely dog people our world didn't feel right after this loss, so possibly slightly crazy in my third trimester of pregnancy we brought home our Luna, a working cocker spaniel, whom is indeed mad!

In December 2023 we welcomed our firstborn son into the world, transforming me into a human mum and turning my world upside down. I now fully understand 'mum brain', 'mum life' and 'mum demands'.

I was very lucky despite 30 weeks of sickness during pregnancy that I continued to work with no days off up until the day prior to going into labour. I was also fortunate enough to run until I was 36 weeks pregnant and train with fairly heavy weights up until and including the day I actually went into labour at 40 + 4.

After 8 weeks off recovering, I returned to running WBG in February 2024.

I'd say I'm very realistic, honest and approachable. I'll get you, and I get that life is hectic. 

My aspirations for the future envisage a growing business that helps people of all ages, backgrounds, races, gender and sex to become fitter, healthier, and happier people. 

I hope you feel able to drop me a message and say hello.

About Me: About


Level 2 Gym instructor 
Level 2 Kids Fitness Instructor age 5 - 15
Level 2 Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace
Level 3 Personal Trainer 
Level 3 Pre & Postnatal
Level 3 Medical Science Anatomy & Physiology for Clinical Nutrition
Level 3 Health and Social Care Extended Diploma 
Level 4 Nutritional Advisor FNTP Accredited in Clinical Nutrition
Level 4 RSPH Accredited Nutrition 
Level 4 TQUK Endorsed Counselling & CBT 
Level 4 Exercise Referral for Health Management (GP Referral) 
Level 4 Exercise Management of Lower Back Pain
Circuits Instructor 
Boxercise Instructor
Suspension 'Trx' Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor
BA (Hons), Second Upper Class in Childhood & Youth Studies

About Me: About Me
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